What Trump's VP choice will signal about his radical candidacy

2. Mind-meld choices

But Trump may decide that, like all #NeverTrump schemes, the convention plots will fail. Then he is free to pick a running mate that can do a mind-meld with Trump and act as a bridge in the media, someone from the GOP that is most simpatico with the Trump brand.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was one of the first to endorse Trump. While there’s little evidence that Christie has given much thought to the issues that have animated the Trump campaign — immigration, globalism, trade, and foreign policy — what the governor shares with Trump is a kind of style. It is more anti-left than conservative; it treasures “respect” and authority more than tradition and restraint. It’s also brash and a product of the tri-state area around New York City. Christie is sharp and quick-witted. A good attack dog.

Another contender is Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.), who has been something of the Trump campaign’s ideologist-in-chief from the beginning. Sessions distinguished himself as a border hawk in the Senate. And he has been more skeptical of free trade than average Republicans. He also has the respect of most grassroots activists in the party. But his fans believe that Sessions is needed in the Senate no matter what happens to Trump.