GOP not in partying mood for Cleveland

“I just had a meeting with prominent political Republicans, and they were all in the same boat in saying, ‘Four years ago, eight years ago at this point in time you would have received ton of invitations for different things. This time I’ve gotten none,’ ” said a Republican strategist for a major trade association…

Aside from fears about violent protests, many Republican lobbyists are staying away from Cleveland because the Trump campaign has done little to recruit them as supporters or fundraisers.

“I am not going to Cleveland. It’s the first convention I’ve missed in so long that I can’t remember, and I’m not alone in that regard,” said a prominent Republican lobbyist who has served as a major fundraiser for past GOP presidential nominees.

“From the event or party perspective, our inbox should be reasonably full of invitations to various events. I think I’ve received one invitation,” said the source, who declined to speak on the record because he worried about becoming a target of Trump’s on Twitter.