And she’s not alone: In yoga groups and at brunch spots around the city, in-the-know New Yorkers can’t stop sharing their love for the Squatty Potty, a footstool that helps users squat while on the toilet, allowing for better bowel movements.

The 7- to 9-inch footstool is available in several designs, including white plastic to blend in with porcelain, and it tucks up against a toilet bowl to help facilitate what our ancestors always did and many around the world still do: squatting low to the ground to go No. 2.

Doctors say sitting on a modern toilet messes with the angle at which your rectum eliminates bodily waste. When your knees are raised over your hips and your upper body is tilted forward in a squat, the muscle that forms a sling around the rectum is able to relax, cutting down on straining, constipation and hemorrhoid risk.