Last chance for #NeverTrump: What to watch for this week in Cleveland

Colorado delegate Kendal Unruh has led the effort to break delegates free from election results supporting Trump and supporters say they have raised millions of dollars to hire a team of delegate “whips” who will fan out across the convention floor and ensure they have enough delegates supporting them.

This week, Unruh and her allies will need the support of 57 members of the convention Rules Committee to vote for her version of the rules to make it the recommendation on the floor, or 28 to get what’s called a minority report in front of the full convention.

Either plan would then need to be adopted next week by the full convention.
“I don’t think people should be scared of the notion that it’s going to be chaos. It’s not going to be chaos any more than the 1860 convention that nominated Lincoln,” anti-Trump conservative Bill Kristol said on a conference call with Unruh’s group last week. “It’s unusual, but this is an unusual year with unusual circumstances.”