Christians mostly want what black people want: To live their lives in peace

Of course, nothing makes these conservative commentators angrier than applying this same logic to cops. However much higher the incidence of violence in black communities are, the statistics still show that the vast majority of black people do not commit violent crimes (even if they commit more violent crimes than their white counterparts – but more on that in a minute). So, the opponents of the entire BlackLivesMatter movement have explicitly blamed black people for an escalation in anti-police violence because they have unfairly painted the picture that all cops are bad and deserve to die. Here is a post literally titled “How Many People have to Die Because of the BlackLivesMatter Movement” which is by no means alone in laying the blood of the slain Dallas PD officers at what they claim is rhetoric that suggests that all (or even most) cops are a problem.

Where, I would ask, is that same logic applied to black people? By engaging in this rhetoric, are these very people not fomenting violence (including by police officers) against black people? Do they accept responsibility for the FAR larger number of civilians who are killed by police than police who are killed by civilians? Kind of I thought the whole point was that police ought to be judged on their own individual actions and not by the actions of the corrupt and/or unlawfully violent in their midst. Not sure why that same logic doesn’t apply to black people – oh wait, yes I am, but tossing around the “R” word has become passé even when it undoubtedly fits.