China's strange Trump love

At home and abroad, fans of Trump give the same reason for why they love him: He’s a businessman, not a politician, not someone beholden to lobbyists and the current establishment. However, a businessman naturally takes care of what concerns him the most—his business. The grassroots supporters of Trump’s campaign are neither his clients nor investors, and he owes them nothing. If his business practices are any indication, those who vote for him in November should expect nothing in return.

Trumpeteers may say their “God Emperor,” as some call him, taking the name from a video game, is strong and intelligent, able to deal harshly with the other, and at the same time profit from them. Trump continues to fan xeno-hating flames, rehashing the probably fake story about an American general who executed Muslim insurgents in the Philippines with bullets dipped in pig’s blood, suggesting that China is “raping” America, and hawking bad but rhetorically popular economics by threatening to wage a trade war.

As Trump continues to wax polemical, his supporters fail to realize the issues that have been hijacked to fuel their fervor will not be addressed to their satisfaction, and his promises cannot be kept because they simply make little economic sense. Trump and his business expend far more effort to please Chinese travelers and oligarchs than his grassroots supporters at home. Win or lose, he will walk away a rich man, and perhaps live to file for bankruptcy another day.