The attacks in Dallas won't be the last

Perhaps it is because they have been led to believe the lies peddled by the Black Lives Matter movement, to wit, that the greatest menace to black people in America is that posed by racist and trigger-happy police officers looking for the merest excuse to gun them down. Just before the shooting began in Dallas, marchers were repeating what has become the standard chant at such events: “Hands up, don’t shoot.” This of course is what Michael Brown is falsely claimed to have said before he was shot to death in Ferguson, Mo. When the truth finally emerged, that Brown had committed a robbery and attempted to disarm the officer who shot him, it was too late to stop the lie that persists to this day.

And it persists, sadly, with the aid of President Obama himself, who, even as he spoke on the horrors in Dallas, could not resist the impulse to refer to the “racial disparities in our criminal justice system.” These disparities are a myth, and the president either knows this and lies about it, or he is so steeped in leftist ideology that he is content to remain ignorant of the truth.