I’m a Jew who has worked with Donald Trump for years. He’s no anti-Semite.

Another chief executive might not have hired a junior attorney who must leave early every Friday afternoon in the fall and the winter to make it home in time to observe Shabbat, the Jewish day of rest. Others might not have tolerated a lawyer of theirs being completely unavailable for 25 hours per week during the Sabbath.

Many bosses might have promoted others over me for missing as many as six weekdays (during which I am also completely unavailable) in the fall season to observe Jewish holidays that occur just as everyone else is getting back to work after a slower summer season. As my responsibilities grew over the years, that could have given him even more reason to turn to others instead of me.

But Mr. Trump hasn’t merely tolerated my religious observance; he has encouraged it. He understands that my faith is a blessing, an important part of who I am, and he values me more for it. Today, I am the Trump Organization’s chief legal officer and executive vice president, so I can say the following — it’s a truth that I’ve spent nearly 20 years experiencing:

Mr. Trump respects my Judaism. He appreciates my unique, religiously demanding lifestyle, and he makes sure I feel it and am proud of it. I base this not on Twitter shapes or tongue-in-cheek comments, but on real-life experiences that have impacted me, my wife and our six children.