GOP convention organizers tighten security plans amid fears

Security experts and Republican officials continue to stress confidence in the ultimate plans to keep convention-goers safe. But Cleveland Deputy Police Chief Ed Tomba admitted to Reuters that the shooting that killed five officers and left seven more injured has prompted a reexamination of protocol.

“We have got to make some changes without a doubt,” he told Reuters Friday, the morning after the shooting.

The stakes for securing the convention were already high with a historic mix of anti-establishment fervor, mobilizing protests both for and against controversial presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump, and a court ruling that forced organizers to reconsider security plans.

Audrey Scagnelli, a spokeswoman for the Republican National Committee’s Committee on Arrangements, told The Hill her committee, the Secret Service, the Cleveland Police and the FBI have been working for over a year with local and federal partners to keep the city safe come convention time and stressed that law enforcement continues to monitor threats in the days ahead of the event.