How the Dallas shooting was despicably spun into a race war

The implication is not subtle. The Post’s editorialists believe that the Black Lives Matter movement is fundamentally about revenge against white people. The assailants who methodically shot cops in the back were combatants in a conflict that pits black people against white people.

First, some truth: Despite the fact that the Dallas suspect reportedly told police that he “wanted to kill white people,” there is no race war; there has not been (and probably won’t be) any increase in crimes against white people because they are white; and Black Lives Matter, despite occasionally and regretfully incendiary rhetoric from a few of its members, is not opposed to the existence of the police. The Dallas Police Department’s officers shielded protesters from harm’s way last night. Protesters helped rush the victims to the hospital.

But it’s scary enough that a universe exists where The Post feels comfortable — or even compelled — to paint the divisions between black and white this starkly. It’s scary, too, that many, many Americans, and not just those who responded to a critical tweet on my feed, seem to agree with The Post.