There is no good reason for any fence-sitting Republican to endorse Trump

Even if you strip away every political consideration besides the desire to toady up to Trump, the fact is this: If you have held out on endorsing this long, you are already on Trump’s naughty list. Plus, endorsing now signals to Trump your servility, and to the public, cravenness. Trump is already offering convention speaking slots to the likes of Don King and Bobby Knight. A mid-July endorsement is not going to win his favor.

And really: Trump has done nothing since earning the “presumptive” tag to merit an endorsement — unless you think attacking a judge for his ethnicity and praising dictators counts.

Even if Trump could convince a holdout to come over now, what is the best case scenario? A place in the Cabinet? That requires Trump winning the election, which is the worst case scenario for Republicans. It would mean enduring four more years of him destroying the Republican brand. To anyone under 40, the only Republican presidencies clearly remembered would be those of George W. Bush and Donald Trump. After inducing that kind of national trauma, the Republican Party would be lucky to have even legal sanction for continued existence, let alone elected officials…

Endorsing Trump means that reporters and political opponents get to ask you whether you still support him after his next outrage. If Trump praises Kim Jong Un for his toughness in murdering his own family members, what will your answer be?