The director of the FBI wants us to believe Hillary is a moron

What was the Democratic Party’s answer to all of this: Sure, Hillary’s attorneys tried to scrub devices to prevent forensic recovery of thousands of emails, but why are you being such a conspiracy theorist?

Democrats have been framing the entire investigation as a GOP witch hunt, even after a secret server and a host of serious, and potentially illegal, activities had been unearthed. The “conspiracy theorist” talking point has codified within the liberal punditry. Every liberal questioner on the committee ran interference for Clinton, bringing up distractions and strawmen—including usage of private email accounts by congressmen and former secretaries of State, none of whom had been accused of transmitting state secrets through their accounts — rather than asking pertinent questions about the negligent transmission of sensitive state secrets. Instead, led by the histrionics of Elijah Cummings, Democrats acted like it was an affront to democracy to challenge the findings of the administration in the middle of a politically charged case.

Which specific question posed by Republicans in this case was out of line? It was odd, to say the least, that the FBI obliterated Hillary’s fiction in such public way, but then refused to recommend prosecution. Comey might be well-respected, but that doesn’t make him (or the FBI) immune from the political pressures of this election. And just because Republicans had nice things to say about him in the past shouldn’t impede them from grilling him now. Because the idea that Hillary Clinton didn’t have any intent to circumvent the law is as implausible as the idea that she was being honest after her system was discovered. The only way to believe that would be to believe Clinton has an IQ of about 50. And no reasonable person does.