Gary Johnson probably isn't coming to your town

As Johnson readily admits, he is centering his entire campaign strategy around media. Focusing on media, he said, “reaches a lot more people and ends up to be a lot more effective.”

Asked on Wednesday whether he was holding traditional campaign events with voters, Johnson said, “Virtually none.”

Johnson must reach 15% in national polls in order to be included in the general election debates alongside HIllary Clinton and Donald Trump. In polls where his name has been included, he has sometimes reached as much as 10%. Johnson resents the fact that many pollsters don’t include him as an option when conducting their polls. And he figures he’ll increase his chances of getting included if he builds a larger national profile — hence the media blitz.

“I don’t have a bloody head, I’m not banging my head against the wall,” Johnson said. “In the 2012 cycle, I was trying to get elected president one person at a time, so I’m not repeating any of that. That’s what was available, so that’s what I was doing.”