Team Clinton thankful for Trump

“I don’t think it’s that hard given the liar she’s running against,” one Clinton aide said of Trump, the presumptive GOP presidential nominee. “Her opponent is going to help her just by being who he is.”

A CBS News poll out last month showed that Clinton, ever after more than a year of negative stories about the email controversy, was just ahead of Trump when voters were asked whether they thought if either candidate was honest. Thirty-three percent found Clinton honest, compared to 32 percent who found Trump honest. Sixty-two percent said Clinton was untrustworthy, and 63 percent said Trump was untrustworthy…

“If she was running against [Ohio Gov. John] Kasich or [Florida Sen. Marco] Rubio, she’d be in real trouble and we’d be talking about finding another candidate before the [Democratic National Convention],” said Brad Bannon, a Democratic strategist. “What happened yesterday would be a deal breaker against someone else. … She’s basically walking on the edge with this kind of stuff.”