It begins: Hillary to propose three-month hiatus for repayment of student loans

Clinton will propose the hiatus on loan repayment Wednesday, according to preview material obtained by The Washington Post. She plans to campaign in Atlantic City, N.J., to draw attention to her campaign’s claims that Republican opponent Donald Trump has cheated workers on his way to business success.

Clinton is framing her general election case against Trump as a choice between someone who tries to address problems such as student debt and someone she accuses of selfish motives. On Tuesday, Clinton promised to work hard for voters as she campaigned alongside President Obama. Neither Democrat directly addressed news that the FBI would not recommend criminal prosecution over security lapses involving Clinton’s private email system while she was secretary of state.

The Clinton campaign declined comment on her plans. Clinton addressed the problem of high student debt during remarks to a convention of the nation’s largest teachers’ union on Tuesday. Clinton said that she would allow teachers and other graduates who enter public service fields to refinance their student loans.