Democrats bet the House on Trump

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The hope is that a combination of Democrats riled up by Trump, moderate Republicans and independents turned off to the party brand, and disaffected Republicans staying home will accelerate blue shifts in marginal districts to start their long road back to the majority. But more immediately, they’re hoping to pick off enough moderate Republicans to leave House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) squeezed by the Freedom Caucus come January, which they believe will neutralize him both in Congress and as a potential 2020 challenger to Clinton.

The Republican nominee has already taken on a starring role in House campaigns around the country.

In Texas, Pete Gallego, who’s running against Rep. Will Hurd to try to win back his seat, simply asked the Clinton campaign to post its Spanish-language ad full of Trump’s comments about immigrants on his own website.

Congressional issues like the fiduciary rule “kind of put people to sleep, to be honest with you,” Sidie said. “And then there’s Trump — and then they wake up.”

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