Clinton hates transparency. Putting her in charge is gross negligence.

In any normal year, this would nearly sink Clinton. But Republican voters this year have nominated a man who shows the same level of disdain for transparency (he hasn’t released his tax returns, and his entire operation has been opaque about his much-ballyhooed charitable giving). Donald Trump also shows the same disregard for constitutional constraints on the powerful, and the same preference of the rule of man over the rule of law.

On a political level, Trump’s Trumpiness may offset the cost of Clinton’s Clintonianism. But on a moral level, Trump’s personality doesn’t excuse Clinton’s behavior.

Given what we know about her antipathy to candor, transparency, truth and the rule of law, putting Clinton in charge of kill lists, watch lists, the FBI, the CIA, the Army, the Navy, the Marines, the Air Force, the IRS, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, the NSA and the other tentacles of the federal government that have the power to ruin and end lives — that would be gross negligence.

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