What would George Washington do? He would run, damn it.

No, all that’s missing is courage, and someone with the national stature to put it to work. This brave candidate would face a media onslaught. His or her reputation and record would be attacked. Yes, this candidate would be hated by the hard-core Hillaryites and Trump toadies. But he or she would also have an unanswerable defense: “I’m not Hillary or Trump.”

Can you imagine a better campaign slogan for 2016?

Two hundred forty years after Washington and Franklin and Adams risked all, we can’t find an American leader willing to risk … what? Money? Mockery? A mean-spirited tweet from Reince Prebius?

We don’t have a single American leader with the courage to fight such a small battle, on behalf of such a great nation?

WWGWD? He would run, dammit. He would run.

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