The Supreme Court really matters in this election

Miguel Estrada, one of the most prominent conservative legal intellectuals, though he is a fan of Garland, acknowledged that he probably wouldn’t like Clinton’s appointees. He’s not assuaged, however, by Trump’s list: “It’s like a game of Russian roulette with Trump,” Estrada said.

“He’s just as likely to appoint Judge Judy as anyone on that list,” he added, referring to the reality-television star.

Liberals hope Trump will stir their base, especially Hispanics. One of the deadlocked Supreme Court decisions this term effectively suspended President Barack Obama’s executive order aimed at preventing millions of undocumented workers from being deported. It likely will be considered again.

There are questions about Clinton’s court appointments, too. She once said that she’d love to name Obama to the bench — William Howard Taft became chief justice after he left the White House — but that’s unlikely.