Meet the RNC member trying to stop the effort to stop Trump

The problem with the conscience clause movement, Yue said, was that delegates are supposed to respect “the will of the people” and “states’ rights,” not their own.

“The conscience people claim, you know, they have to have constitutional rights to free thinking. Fine. Nobody is going to take that away from them,” Yue said. “But so far, I only heard their constitutional rights. When I define constitutional rights … it’s other people’s constitutional rights. I’m not talking about mine. And respect will of the voters. I’m not talking about mine. I’m talking about others.”

He characterized the argument for the conscience clause as dishonest and argued that delegates gave up their conscience when they decided to run for their position.

“Freedom of conscience—are they running for state delegate as Trump supporter? If they do, then you already surrender your conscience,” he told TWS. “What do you call the people misrepresent themselves, claim they are Trump delegates, and run as Trump delegates, got elected, want to be free? … I have [a] problem with that … Honesty is one of the principles for self-govern[ance].”