"Republican Women for Hillary"?

“It has been tough for me to come to this point where I can vote for a candidate who has been very against what I’ve been working for for most of my professional career,” said Meghan Milloy, who works for the conservative American Action Forum think tank and has formerly campaigned for Republicans like Trent Lott, Mitt Romney and Haley Barbour. “That being said, I can’t vote for someone like Donald Trump because he’s overtly racist and misogynist.”

Lim said she intends to knock on doors, make phone calls for Clinton and will donate to the Democratic campaign, a step she has never taken in her life.

Her temporary transition to Democratic volunteer might seem all too convenient at first: She was recently married to Tim Lim, the founder of a media buying firm called Precision and a partner at Bully Pulpit Interactive, which has a contract with the Clinton campaign. But, she said, her reasons for supporting Clinton are genuine and purely strategic. Her current activism is about stopping Trump from winning the general election, preserving the the Republican Party and the conservative values it promotes, she said.