New dating app strives to make sure Brexit "Remainers" only breed with each other

U.K. citizens who voted to remain within the EU are so avid about their choice that many don’t want to date anybody who advocated for leaving. A new dating application called Remainder is giving the “Remainers,” as they are colloquially called, what they want by only offering potential matches for like-minded users.

While the dating app’s website expresses no blatant animosity towards their homeland counterparts, the two dispirited creators wanted “to cheer everyone up after a dismal day” and help “heartbroken Remain voters to find a bit of comfort” following Brexit.

Remainder has gotten “interest from venues in several Remain-voting cities across the UK wanting to host a Remainder date night,”according to their crowdfunding page. The application is not currently functional, but the blueprint is apparently in place. The startup is soliciting donations with a £5,000 goal to continue testing the technology.

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