Americans can choose better than Trump

Knowing my own imperfections and frustrations, I am hesitant to judge others harshly. And I know that 13 million people, my fellow citizens, have made their initial choice in voting for Donald Trump, thereby elevating his candidacy to presumed nominee. I don’t deny nor diminish the message that each of those votes carries with them. And every one of those 13 million people has a right to be heard and their thoughts fairly and honestly considered.

But after long and careful consideration, I cannot endorse or support their decision to express their frustration, anger and disappointment by selecting Trump as the Republican nominee for president. Trump has demonstrated neither the aforementioned qualities of principled leadership, nor offered any substantive or serious conservative policy proposals consistent with historical Republican Party platform positions. Both, in my humble view, are indispensable preconditions to his selection as the Republican candidate for the office of president of the United States.

As a result, I cannot endorse or support Trump for president. And I offer my prayer for a second miracle in Cleveland.