Newt Gingrich reverses course on trade as Trump VP chatter swirls

“I basically agree with Trump’s speech on trade,” Gingrich said in an email to POLITICO on Friday.

Citing China’s taking of American intellectual property and the fact that the country is now in “a different era,” Gingrich said he had moved closer to the position of the presumptive Republican nominee.

That represents a significant shift for Gingrich, who championed trade agreements while a congressional leader, and a move that would smooth over one of the biggest policy differences between the two men who could form the Republican ticket.

Trump delivered a scathing rebuke of America’s trade policies in Pennsylvania this week, calling the North American Free Trade Agreement, which Gingrich helped approve while in Congress, “the worst trade deal” in U.S. history and vowing to renegotiate it. Trump also said he would pull out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact negotiated by the Obama administration.