#NeverTrump is never happening at the RNC

Any attempt to block Trump would begin in the convention’s rules committee, an 112-member panel of delegates where Trump’s enemies had hoped to make a stand against the presumptive nominee. Through dozens of interviews and a review of public statements, however, POLITICO has determined that at least 72 members of the panel intend to smooth Trump’s path to the nomination — not hinder it.

Just six members say they’ll work against Trump, and of those six, two said they’d bail on the effort if they don’t find sufficient support. “If this has a shot, and if this continues to develop … I will support the freeing of the delegates,” said one of the committee members.

It’s a mismatch so yawning that anti-Trump delegates may find themselves unable to muster even the minimal support of the committee it would take to send their plans to the full convention, where all 2,472 delegates would be forced to weigh in.

“I will be actively working to stop any ill-conceived effort to unbind delegates and will work as diligently as I can — procedurally and politically — to ensure any efforts … are defeated and defeated soundly,” said Mike Stuart, a Rules Committee delegate from West Virginia.

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