Trump’s convention stars: His kids

According to a source close to Trump’s circle and briefed on the convention plans, all of Trump’s grown children will be speaking at the convention. Though the plans are still in flux, there will be a clear focus on Ivanka, who may have a Wednesday night speaking slot. There are even discussions of having Ivanka introduce Trump when he accepts the nomination on the convention’s final night, instead of the tycoon’s wife, Melania.

The source said that sons Donald Jr. and Eric will also speak, likely on topics such as the Second Amendment, Benghazi and national security.

Ivanka, Eric and Donald Jr., will also be playing key roles off the convention stage. According to another campaign source close to the convention planning, one or more of Trump’s children could head to Cleveland a week early to serve as an envoy to delegates on committees determining convention rules and the party platform, as well as, possibly, to do several cable news interviews.

And all three of the children — as well as Ivanka’s husband, Jared Kushner, who is already playing a major role in the campaign as a speechwriter and envoy to the Republican Party establishment — are scheduled to appear every morning of the convention at delegation breakfasts. It’s largely in an effort to isolate, or even snuff out, potential anti-Trump speakers looking to mount a challenge to Trump’s nomination.