Reince Priebus needs to lead now

Donald Trump is going to be a disaster for the GOP at all levels of office and in fundraising. Two polls, both the NBC poll and Fox News poll, both conducted after the Orlando terrorist attack, show that more than 50% of the party wants Donald Trump replaced. In the last 23 polls, Donald Trump has lost to Hillary Clinton.

Reince Priebus has worked overtime trying to build relations between the GOP and Hispanic voters and now has a Presidential candidate who accuses Mexicans of being rapists.

The donor class of the GOP is withholding funds. The RNC bank account has less in it now than in prior recent Presidential elections. Internally at the RNC they are not even sure Trump can raise $200 million. Much of the work the RNC is having to do is defend Trump at the expense of other candidates. On top of that, corporate sponsors are fleeing the GOP convention, further hampering fundraising. Speakers are fleeing as well.

Reince Priebus is in an untenable and unfortunate position, but it is one he chose for himself. The Chairman of the Party needs to lead. And Reince Priebus knows the situation with Trump is untenable and not sustainable. As we head to Cleveland, I believe he has an obligation to make clear publicly what he knows privately. The Chairman cannot keep plugging holes, pretending the ship is not sinking. Under his leadership, the GOP will either own Trump or wrest back its legacy from him in an effort to survive.