How bad is Hillary, really?

But ask yourself this: Let’s pretend for a moment that America has to have a Democratic president and that this president will be one of the figures to have won the Democratic party nomination over the last 40 years. In that context, where does Clinton rank?

Do you believe Clinton would be a worse president that Obama has been? I don’t. Clinton is venal and pliable and eager to follow paths of political opportunism, which suggests that she never would have pushed through unpopular measures such as Obamacare or mass amnesty. Further, whatever her faults in the realm of foreign policy, there is nothing in her history to suggest that she is in favor of the decline of American influence abroad, as Obama clearly is. This isn’t even a close call.

How about John Kerry? Again, I’d prefer Clinton. She lies habitually, but at least her ambition has never led her to impugn the honor of American soldiers. Also, she’s a good deal tougher than Secretary Windsurfer.

Al Gore? I’ll take Clinton again. Gore was once a serious man; after the 2000 election his entire life spun out of control and he became a crazy person.