For Clinton, beating Trump remains in doubt

Trump is in better shape at this stage of the race than Vice President George H.W. Bush in 1988, when former governor Michael Dukakis led by 15 points in the polls. Overconfident Dukakis aides spent that summer checking out real estate in Maryland and Virginia, only to see their candidate’s lead evaporate into an eight-point loss on Election Day…

Since wrapping up the nomination, Trump’s campaign has been monstrously inept. Clinton is burying him in fund-raising, with $42 million cash on hand compared to Trump’s $1.3 million at the end of May. The campaign manager position remains vacant following the sacking of Corey Lewandowski. Trump jetted off to Scotland last week to visit one of his golf courses instead of spending time in key battleground states. That he survived an alleged assassination attempt has been a hostile media’s only positive coverage, and that was scarcely mentioned at all.

And yet, the good news for Republicans is that Clinton’s not getting any more popular. Her negatives have never been higher. Sift through recent polling and you find that voters generally believe Trump is a stronger leader, that he’s more honest and trustworthy, that he can handle ISIS better, and that he would be more effective at bringing change to Washington.