Why Brexit signals a Trump victory

One of the things that stunned the so-called experts is the huge turnout that led to Brexit. The same thing happened on this side of the Atlantic during the Republican primary season. An enormous number of people voted for the outsider candidate. The previous record was 10.8 million votes for George W. Bush in 2000 – Trump blew past that record with over 13 million primary votes. In the nine presidential elections I have worked in, I have never seen such voter energy and enthusiasm.

This amazing turnout reflects the simple fact that Donald Trump has broad appeal. Independents in particular are responding to him. Our recent polling in two battleground states shows independents flocking to Trump over Hillary Clinton. In Ohio, independents go for Trump by 19 percentage points. In North Carolina, they prefer him over Clinton by 24 points.

These numbers show just how upset the American people are with the status quo. They don’t want a third term of President Obama’s abysmal economic growth and feckless foreign policy. They want someone who will upend the status quo rather than worsen America’s decline.