Did a Trump staffer make the Heidi Cruz meme that nearly broke his campaign?

The tiny gap in time between when these memes are created and when Trump retweets them is odd, to say the least. It’s hard to believe that among the thousands of replies to many of Trump’s tweets that he happens upon these questionable images randomly over and over again.

One former staffer familiar with the campaign’s social media practices told The Daily Beast that he thought a Trump Organization employee was creating these pro-Trump accounts and then retweeting them from the main account himself.

The employee’s name is Justin McConney, according to the former staffer, and he helped cultivate Trump’s stylistic short Instagram attack videos.

“He handles/creates all the ‘viral’ images and videos on Instagram, Twitter, etc. and has direct access to the candidate’s Twitter account,” the staffer familiar with the operation explained via email to The Daily Beast. Two former staffers said Trump approves of all the retweets on the account. His campaign did not respond to a request for comment about these details.