A free society is the common enemy of radical Islam and the left

To Allah’s boys, homosexual club-goers in Orlando, with their liberty and up-front assertion of sexuality, embody the alien West. They are as repugnant to a Muslim fanatic as a white man, Jew or not, to resentful blacks on a Brooklyn street 25 years ago. Jews and homosexuals are pretexts for deep-rooted rage against something far larger than themselves.

The Better Sort—academia, the commentariat, cultural mandarins—have a hard time acknowledging malice in the multi-culti wonderland they imagine for us. They talk their way around it, psychologize it into a case study where there are no enemies to be defeated. There are only persons to be understood. A penitential class, our betters are ingenious in their capacity for self-accusation. They compete with each other for conjuring away the obvious or turning it into a spearhead against the open society that offends totalitarian Islam and the Left in equal measure.

They also raise denial to an ethic. U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch tells us the killer’s true motives may never be known. This, though Mateen pledged allegiance—in Arabic—to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi “on behalf of the Islamic State.” Lynch echoes James Comey who, a year ago, announced the FBI was struggling to discern Mohammed Yousef Adbulazeez’s true motives for murdering five men in an armed-forces recruiting station in Chatanooga.