Video: Tortured Joe

However, a switch has been flipped now that Trump has locked up the nomination. The billionaire’s racially charged remarks about the judge in the Trump University case sent Scarborough over the edge. He raged that Trump was acting like a bush-league bigot and loser, called him “completely racist,” and said his campaign was a “complete embarrassment.”

While he’s insisted, and the tape does back him up, that he said even back in friendlier times he would not endorse Trump because of his proposed Muslim ban, the change in the tone of his coverage is unmistakable.

It would appear he’s pressing hard to make folks forget that his Beltway favorite MSNBC show provided a legitimate media launching pad for a candidate he now accuses of destroying the Republican Party.

Of course, Scarborough is in great shape either way. Hillary Clinton, who he reminds viewers constantly he’s very fond of, will surely be the president if his former friend Trump won’t be.