Trump and his followers make excuses for struggling whites; 40 years ago, blacks got no such sympathy

Opioids? Not your fault; it’s the brown people shipping it up here from down there. Trump’s solution is to build a wall. “Just say no” has been replaced by, “If they sent it, no one can blame you for taking it. You’re the victim here.”

Jobs? Disability? Fatherless kids? No one’s fault. After all, who can find a job when the real unemployment rate, as Trump said in one of his more hallucinatory moments, is really 42%? (The unemployment rate during the Great Depression peaked at about 25%.)

Besides, it’s China’s fault — or Japan’s, or Mexico’s, or of course Barack Obama’s — that so many people are unemployed. The hunger of the American working class for a standard of living fueled by cheap imported junk couldn’t possibly be part of the problem, especially for a nominee who makes most of his own cheap junk overseas.

And if you’ve fathered a child out of wedlock, well, so has Trump, which may explain why he’s not going to get out in front on paternity and responsibility. After all, when a young man can’t find a job, it would be heartless to ask him to get married and take on the burdens of a family — even if he’s already created one. Trump, in words that would embarrass most classic entitlement liberals, instead promises direct relief by fiat: “I will give you everything. I will give you what you’ve been looking for for 50 years. I am the only one.”