Hillary’s chokehold on the media means even her losses are wins

An obvious conclusion is that Trump can’t count on wall-to-wall “free” media coverage the way he could in the primaries. The novelty is diminishing, and media bias for Democrats is growing.

Coverage of the fact that Clinton still faces possible indictment over her e-mails has all but vanished from most outlets. Similarly, her claims to be a feminist and human-rights leader are undermined by the millions she takes from Saudi Arabia and other oppressive regimes, but most media act as if those issues are minor or settled.

Meanwhile, everything Trump ever said or did continues to be fodder for new investigations. It means the GOP candidate is playing against the referees as well as the other team .

While I believe he can overcome an uneven playing field and all the other hurdles, he’s got a lot of work to do and little margin for more errors.