Another conflict of interest for CNN’s Corey Lewandowski?

In his first appearance as a CNN contributor, former Donald Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski showed an unsurprising reverence for his ex-boss. Appearing last night with host Erin Burnett, Lewandowski was careful to refer to “Mr. Trump,” the proper honorific for the presumptive Republican presidential nominee. He leveled no criticisms of the candidate. And he said this, too: “I am fully committed in my private time with my family and my friends and telling everybody that I know that Donald Trump is the only person that is going to save this country for my children and hopefully their children someday.”

This is the quality of input that CNN is securing with its high-profile hiring of Lewandowski, who was fired from the Trump campaign on Monday.

In the interest of journalism, Burnett started out by asking Lewandowski whether he’d signed a non-disclosure agreement with Trump, an issue that this blog highlighted yesterday. “My confidentiality agreement is such where information I would be privy to — private conversations that take place between family members that are not meant for the public audience are going to be held in the closest and strictest of confidence with me,” replied Lewandowski, in part. Unsatisfied with that carefully circumscribed response, Burnett noted that Trump’s standard non-disclosure agreement binds people from saying negative things about Trumplandia. Did he sign such a thing?

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