GOP Rules Committee stacked with Trump loyalists

The Republican National Committee has released the list of the 112 members of the upcoming convention rules committee — a panel that will be the focal point of a struggle by anti-Donald Trump delegates to block the mogul’s nomination at the Republican National Convention next month.

But Trump foes hoping the panel will help their cause are in for a disappointment, as the roster is stacked with officials who publicly support making Trump the nominee…

Dozens of other delegates on the committee have pledged loyalty to Trump or support for his nomination. Even many of his critics on the panel have stopped short of suggesting they would seek to overturn his nomination, though the stop-Trump crowd insists many are just keeping their powder dry.

Only a few Trump opponents who have promised to fight to stop him in Cleveland are on the list, including Colorado’s Guy Short and Kendal Unruh. Curly Haugland, who’s long championed the notion that delegates are free to vote their conscience — even without changing the party’s rules — is also on the list.

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