Poll: About 70% of voters say Trump should cut business ties while running for president

According to the poll, 69% say of voters say Trump ought to step down, 28% think he should continue to run his eponymous company.

There is broad, bipartisan agreement that Trump should step down, with 56% of Republicans, 71% of independents and 77% of Democrats saying so. Even among those who say they would vote for Trump in a head-to-head against Clinton, 55% say he ought to step aside while his career in politics continues.

Trump has recently raised questions about money raised by the Clinton Foundation while Hillary Clinton served as secretary of state. She has stepped down from the board of directors of the foundation while running for president, but her husband, Bill Clinton, remains active in the foundation’s affairs. Voters are less apt to think the former president ought to step away from his foundation than to say Trump should back away from his businesses — just 38% say he ought to do so while 60% think he can continue his work with the foundation.

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