Feds spend $1.25 million on superhero cartoon in Pakistan

The State Department is spending over $1 million to create a cartoon superhero who teaches the importance of “living a healthy, drug-free lifestyle” and “women’s empowerment” for kids in Pakistan.

The agency’s International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs, or INL, division issued a grant solicitation for two seasons of an animated series to “promote security and stability” in Pakistan.

“INL would like to develop a superhero animated cartoon series aimed at an older target audience (ages 14-25),” according to the grant announcement. “This series would inform, educate, and positively influence Pakistani youth in an entertaining and engaging manner.”

“The series will incorporate social messaging that reinforces INL goals, such as counternarcotics, gender equality, the role of police in civil society, a fair criminal justice system, anti-corruption, religious tolerance, and other topics that promote security and stability in civil society,” the agency said.

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