Confirmed: Narcissists get more dates

Narcissism correlated with mate-ability, flings, and long-term relationships for women, while for guys narcissism was associated strongly with short-term and long-term relationships. Two other factors showed up in the dateability (and booty call-ability, for what it’s worth): physical attractiveness and extraversion. The authors find that the personality effects became a lot less pronounced when the researchers accounted for physical attractiveness, which they attribute to earlier findings that suggest that narcissistic people invest more in their appearance. Also, narcissists tend toward vanity, and with that vanity, what researchers call “mating effort.”

Also, just as you expected of the popular people in high school, narcissists are extraordinarily charming and self-confident. For similar reasons, extraversion was the only personality trait that correlated with dateability, presumably because of the extrovert’s ease with getting to know new people. The conclusion you might, draw, then, is if you want to go on more dates, consider becoming a narcissist, since in the study it “was associated with increased speed dating success (in terms of actual choices) and mate appeal in both sexes.” Judging from the dating scene in New York City, that’s exactly what everybody is doing.

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