Trump vs. Clinton: America's dreadful choice

Clinton and Trump are dishonest people who lie comfortably and repeatedly. They are vindictive against their perceived enemies. And they both eschew transparency. These are not individuals who should be allowed to control the IRS, the DOJ, and other government agencies that can be used to harass political opponents.

Clinton, as secretary of state, set up a private email server, risking the exposure of classified information to hide her emails from the public, and then deleted 30,000 emails, claiming they were personal. During the Democratic primaries, she refused to release the transcripts of speeches to Wall Street bankers for which she received six-figure dollar amounts. Trump, meanwhile, refuses to release his tax returns, making the irrelevant excuse that he’s being audited.

In the year she has been on the campaign trail, Clinton has barely held press conferences, and those she has have typically been limited to a few minutes, because she’s averse to scrutiny. Trump has made himself available for questions much more often. But he has over the course of the campaign denied credentials to outlets that cover him unfavorably, attacked critical reporters and even floated revisiting libel laws to make it easier to sue news organizations.

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