By endorsing Trump, his GOP supporters proved they're the frauds he accused them of being

At the same time, all of these thin endorsements prove a point Trump has been making since he got in the race: The political class are a bunch of frauds.

Trump made this argument best at a town hall in New Hampshire last September. Surveying his competitors, Trump said that Florida Governor Jeb Bush — who was Rubio’s mentor in Florida politics — had every reason to be furious that his disloyal protégée would run against him. And yet, Trump said, when the press asked both men what they thought of each other, they emphasized what great friends they were.

“They ask Bush, ‘What do you think of Rubio?’ [and he says] ‘He’s my dear friend, he’s so wonderful, I love him so much,’” Trump said in a mocking tone. “They ask Rubio, ‘What do you think of Bush?’ ‘Oh, he’s my dear friend, wonderful.’” Trump then said what everyone in the room already knew: “They hate each other. Trust me, I know. They hate so much, they hate more than anybody in this room hates their neighbor. But it’s political bull —-.”

Now Rubio, Ryan, Corker, Kirk and many other Republicans are proving Trump’s point about the political class.

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