In San Francisco, Berniecrats lash out at press for calling nomination for Clinton

Unbridled fury about the media and the Democratic establishment rippled through a crowd of Bernie Sanders supporters here Monday following reports that Hillary Clinton had clinched the Democratic presidential nomination.

As thousands gathered on the lip of San Francisco Bay on a cold, foggy night, there were angry shouts as people thumbed through news stories on their phones, many of them turning to each other in exasperation to read aloud articles to fellow rally-goers.

The scene at Crissy Field was an apt emblem of the progressive movement that Sanders has led over the past year, an ascent that saw the 74-year-old senator from Vermont rise from being a long shot to a national political force who has roused millions.

Many of the people who were spread out on the grass said they are far from ready to see Sanders cede the nomination to Clinton. There were urgent calls for him to fight on to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. And most of the dozen interviewed by The Washington Post were deeply bitter about news organizations, which they said had called the race too soon.

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