Hillary sees her speech attacking Trump breaking through on the trail

In the days since San Diego, aides and supporters have said they see the speech “breaking through the noise,” as one put it — and resonating on the trail to a degree Clinton hasn’t seen in past efforts to draw sustained attention to Trump’s failed businesses, for instance, or to his comments about profiting from the housing crisis.

Clinton and her aides were particularly gratified to see voters respond with recognition to the speech across California, where she and her husband are on a five-day breakneck schedule of roughly 40 combined events and retail stops.

When the audience in Westminster erupted into applause at mention of the speech, a surprised smile spread across Clinton’s face. “Thank you! Well, thank you,” she exclaimed. “I appreciate your paying attention, maybe watching it online.”

Brian Fallon, Clinton’s national press secretary, described the speech as a watershed moment for the campaign.

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