Damn them for that

But not only that, we are now seeing an American political press joining in as well to avoid calling racism, racism. The American political press has not been slow to call things racist and whip up racist sentiment. The American political press whipped people into a frenzy over Ferguson and Baltimore and Trayvon Martin. We saw press outlets altering or distorting 911 audio to make it sound like words were said that were not said. We had the national press play up aspects of Ferguson to shape opinion while ignoring other aspects. We saw the same with Baltimore.

The press loves to create racists from whole cloth. But now confronted by what is absolutely racist, the press and the Party of Lincoln will not make eye contact with it.

No, I am not talking about Donald Trump and his African American. I am talking about Donald Trump trying to get a federal judge to recuse himself from a legal case by attacking his Mexican heritage.

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