Bill Nye: Vote against the "deniers"

“Get out there and vote,” the science educator and environmental activist said Saturday at the Reason Rally in the nation’s capital, which attracted thousands of athiests. “Everybody this year, no matter what happens, please take the environment and climate into account when you vote.”

“And with all this I acknowledge we here at this gathering are in the minority — a small minority,” Nye continued. “Although the fraction of our society that embraces reason over unreasonable claims that embraces critical thinking over baseless anecdotes and science over anti-science — we are growing but we must keep in mind that we are a minority. Underdogs in the fight for reason.”

“There’s still a very strong contingent of people who are in denial about climate change,” Nye said in an interview with CNN in April, referring to presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump and then-candidates Ted Cruz and John Kasich. “And if you don’t believe me, look at the the three people currently running for president of the world’s most influential country who are … climate change deniers,” he added.

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