"Trump happens to generate this sort of excitement that gives them a pretext"

DAVID BROOKS, NEW YORK TIMES: I agree that the victims were the Trump supporters. That’s clear from the videos that we have seen. Whether — who it helps and hurts, I suspect it won’t have a big effect either way, but you can argue it both ways.

For Trump supporters, for people who are pre-convinced to support Donald Trump, it vindicates a lot of their world view. And so it will solidify his support.

But the only time I can really think of political violence really having a political effect was 1968 in Chicago…

And in that case, it was sort of intra-left, but it certainly hurt the Democrats, because there was an aura of disarray.

And so one can see among independent voters and who are just nervous about Trump as a phenomenon, the fact that there is all this violence and all this drama surrounding the whole Trump phenomenon could be nervous-making and it could drive some people. I doubt, either way, it will have a massive effect.

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