Think Trump won't get Latino voters? Not so fast

Unlike Mitt Romney or any other rich politico, Trump brags instead of demurs about his wealth. He boasts about his money, his Ivy League education, the plane, the hotels and the beautiful people he’s surrounded by. But it’s not his rich contemporaries who constitute his main supporters.

These folks are not voting for Trump because, “he’s just like them.” They’re voting for him because they want to be him.

In the consumer marketing world what Trump is doing is referred to as aspirational marketing. Why is it that most of the models in our TV ads are thinner and better looking than the vast majority of America? It’s because aspiration is an incredibly powerful force — as humans we aspire for better and we will work toward pursuing that.

It’s a tried-and-true mechanism in consumer marketing and Trump has showed how effective it is in politics. Why should Latino voters be immune to Trump’s message of a wealth and success? Immigrants are by definition aspirational — they come to a new land for a promise of a better life, and they’ve inculcated that in their children, too. It’s not a stretch to see how Trump’s messaging could connect with some voters who think he represents the definition of success and overlook his negative rhetoric and his

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