Thanks for the marriage counseling, Politico

In addition to Twitter trolls, other publications ran with this false narrative. In the “Five Things You Need to Know about Nancy French,” number two was “When Her Husband Was In Iraq, She Wasn’t Allowed to Use Facebook or E-Mail Men.”

Thanks, Kevin.

To make matters worse, he then said a woman reporter friend quipped, “If I slept with every guy with whom I emailed about politics, I would be a huuuge slut.”

I hope Robillard will re-think his strategy of mocking and lying about the way couples handle the pressures of deployment as he sits in his comfy chair in his air conditioned office and tries to be clever in 14o characters or less. I also hope that people can see the real #WarOnWomen is being waged by people like this guy, who feels completely comfortable throwing the word “slut” around after he reads about how a couple tried to protect our marriage.

If you ever wonder how we ended up with such unlikeable candidates or why normal Americans won’t consider running for elected office, ask Politico.

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