RNC’s new Hispanic media director bashed Trump nonstop for months

But it is Aguirre Ferré’s stances on Trump’s comments about Hispanics that speak to the difficulties the RNC now has. Simply put, Latino Republicans have long speculated that any serious, experienced operative would hold anti-Trump views, whether they are Spanish-language television surrogates or those looking to join the RNC.

Supporting a different candidate is one thing; operatives do that all the time as the primary turns to the general election. But Aguirre Ferré has been on Spanish-language television as an expert saying that Trump’s policies and comments are anti-immigrant and anti-Latino. Now she will be making the argument that Trump should be elected and Hispanics should support him and not Hillary Clinton.

She has tweeted that those who associate with or support Trump have a history of violence against Hispanics. In a tweet that she didn’t delete, she said it was “terrible” that two men who beat a homeless Hispanic men had this justification: “Trump is right.”

She’s said that other candidates were wrong in trying to adopt Trump’s style. Latino voters, she said, would reject this strategy and punish the candidates. Those who are “treating Hispanics badly, they don’t deserve to be the nominee,” she told NTN.